Deeper Roots, Greater Health

Food as Medicine is getting much press these days, and with good cause.  It stands to reason that our bodies can function better when they are well nourished.  In today’s society it is safe to say that we are overfed and under nourished.  Take advantage of today’s Love that and head into Roots Natural Organic Foods to find an excellent selection of wholesome foods to support your overall health and well being.

And the $5 savings will also naturally lift your mood!

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Photo Finish

I have always envied those women who have flawless skin.  Not the women who seemingly have taken cosmetic application classes and can beautifully apply the exact amount of makeup to provide the coverage of a clown face, and yet not look like a clown. There is a definite art to that as well, but what I am talking about are the women, who without makeup, have beautiful skin.

In the naivety of my youth, I believed it was just something you were born with (or without). Gene Pool Winners. Gene Pool Losers. As I have grown older, I have discovered that indeed there are ways to drastically improve the results of the genes we have been given. You can take great care of your skin by drinking lots of water, using sunscreen, etc.

But, another way to have a naturally improved skin tone and luminosity is to get regular facials.  If you haven’t had a chance to indulge in one, today’s deal is your chance. Get your voucher for a IPL Skin Rejuvenation Photofacial combined with a Microdermabrasion Facial at Laser Bëauty Co. and give yourself the gift of beautiful skin.

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Bring your Memories to Life

The advent of the digital camera has changed the face of photography forever.

My kids wonder why we took so many pictures with our eyes closed back in the 70’s. The explanation (which won’t include the phrase LSD) will take some time…

We only had rolls of film, some with as little as 12 exposures.  You had to take pictures sparingly, and only found out how the photos looked once the whole roll was finished, which, depending on the amount of pictures a person liked to take could be months into the future. Once the roll was full it got “sent away” to a lab and after about a week you got the packet of pictures back, at which point you could check to see if your eyes were open in the picture.

So, for example, if your birthday was in July and your Mom didn’t finish the roll until she captured you in your Halloween costume, you would find out in early November if your eyes were open in the photos of your 10th birthday party, or even if there was a finger in front of the lens. Or, if God forbid, someone had opened the back of the camera and let light in. Then, you got back absolutely nothing. The super thin packet was surely a sign of doomed film. You could hope that someone else may have gotten a couple shots, or you better have a good memory. Little too late for a do-over by that point.

Enter, digital photos. Now, like so many other areas of our lives, we can get instantaneous feedback on how we are doing. We can see right away if the light was bad, if the flash didn’t work, if the head got cut off or if Joker Jo has decided that bunny ears would be the most hilarious gag ever.  We can even bribe the kids into getting a great shot. “If we get a great one, you can do a super crazy goofy shot too!”

So, with regards to today’s deal, you can now shoot pictures to you hearts content, and when you finally get the best photos you have ever seen in your life, (and you will know right away!) you can make them into a book of art. The folks at Photobook Canada can take your photos and make a photobook that you will actually look at and it will remind you that you have yet another talent.  Taking pictures with eyes wide open!

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Find your Frequency!

Get up to 75% OFF Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Treatments for Your Face, Neck or Stomach at Highland Salon and Medi Spa (Value up to $750.00)

  • Radio Frequency skin tightening is a non-invasive way to diminish wrinkles, fine lines and even out skin texture.
  • The process provides an immediate tightening of the collagen fibres and also stimulates your own collagen and elastin production over the next four to six weeks following a treatment.
  • Results are similar to a brow lift or a facelift, but without any damage to the outer skin and with little to no downtime.
  • The Radio Frequency treatment can firm up necklines and contour the jawline.
  • The completely painless and gentle treatment is also used to smooth out stretch marks, reduce cellulite and tighten areas of loose skin.
  • Highland Salon and Medi Spa provides exceptional, professional service to ensure that you get the results you desire.

Highland Salon and Medi Spa is committed to ensuring that you get fantastic results. Call and book today!

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Lash Out

You know there is a whole world out there I know nothing about, and I believe having the humility to admit it is the first step in gaining knowledge. I mean, how much luck have you had enlightening a person who “knows it all” already.  I know the answer…”Not much”.   BTW that is not me being a know it all, it just so happens I Know That!

Anyway, in looking around the web for inspiration for this entry I stumbled across this post about famous (and legendary) beauties who shaved…their faces. Who knew?  (Turns out I know the answer to that as well.  Not ME).  Well, I am not going to judge, but let me say this, I have enough other things to deal with, so I for one can be counted out in terms of adding this to my regime.  At least until men routinely shave their legs.

Anyway, this all started because today’s deal is for those of us who are looking to streamline our beauty routines. Right now you can get a great deal on eyelash extensions at Cutis Cura in Maple Ridge.  Imagine waking up every day with lashes that look completely natural, but are long and lush.  Forget mascara and the accompanying clumps.

Plus the time you shave off your morning make up routine can be used for something else.  Like shaving your face, if you are so inclined.

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Learn to be a Pet Groomer!

Our pets are among our most beloved friends and what better way to show your friends that you care, than by helping them feel their best? Keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny by knowing the right ways to care for and groom their fur.

Today’s offer is for your four legged pal to look and feel their best.  The professionals Holly & Hugo are offering their Ultimate Guide to Dog Grooming Online Course for only $19.00!  

  • Some of the topics covered are:
    • equipment you need
    • safely restraining animals
    • good hygiene practices
    • correct way to shampoo and bathe dogs
    • clip claws
    • traditional styles for different dog breeds
    • what to do when a pet needs first aid
    • recognize skin conditions, parasites, ear and eye infections
    • check for healthy teeth and gums and learn dental care for dogs
  • This course is CPD/CE accredited and you will receive a PDF certificate upon completion.

Taking care of each other. Isn’t that what friends are for?

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Sushi Eben-Ezer

No such thing as a free lunch? I suppose. But there is such a thing as a great deal on lunch (0r dinner), like today’s deal for example.

Simply go to and reserve your voucher to get a FREE California or Avocado Roll with the purchase of a teriyaki rice bowl, lunch box or dinner box at Sushi Eben-Ezer in Maple Ridge!

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Keep your Memories Alive (and in Sight)

Thousands, and thousands of photos are stored on my phone and my camera. So many beautiful memories that are stuck in a digital abyss. Now is our chance to pull some of those great memories back into the light and put them on display!

Today’s sale is for 8″x8″ photo tiles from Photobook Canada. Easy to order, easy to display and easy to remember! Great memories should be where we can relive them – go to and get started!

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The Perfect Foil

In literature a foil is a pair of characters whose differences illuminate the important characteristics in each other. Think Jekyll and Hyde, or Othello and Iago, or if you are of a younger mindset,  Donald Duck to Mickey Mouse.  In any event, the set up is such that you see the differences in order to enhance the main story.

Now, I realize that when a hair salon is referring to foils, they generally mean it in the literal sense.  They will use actual foils to separate your hair and create colour enhancements.  However, in the literary sense, the foils do indeed create a contrast that causes us to see a change in the entire style and look of your hair.

So, today’s deal is the perfect foil to drab, outdated and plain colour. The professional stylists at Highland Salon & Medi Spa can use foil to create the perfect foil.


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Eyes are the Window

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, which is the reason we ask people to look at us while speaking to help determine if they are telling the truth.  Well, the truth is that our eyes are expressive and as the frame to your eyes, your eyebrows and eyelashes play a part in the show.

So, today’s deal for a professional eyebrow threading or waxing at Dadi’s Beauty Salon is just the thing to make sure that your eyes are expressing what you think they are.  Honest.

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