Cheers to $5 off Beers (and Wine, don’t forget Wine!)

Maple Ridge Liquor Store (under the Town Hall Public House @ 207th and Lougheed) and Kanaka Creek Liquor store (at 240th and Kanaka Way) are offering a great FREE deal today.  Simply go to and reserve a coupon for $5.00 any purchase over $49.99 (Excluding Liquor/Spirits/Tobacco).

Both of theses stores have an enormous selection of wines, beers and spirits for any occasion, from an elegant wedding to a casual tail gate, they’ve got what you need! Friendly staff can help you navigate through some of the finer points of pairing wines etc.

Plus, they give away cookies on the weekends!

Cheers. I’ll drink to that!

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Amazing Auto Savings!

This amazing auto maintenance package is valued at $1454.00 and is valid for an entire year! As a VIP Customer you will receive the following:

  • TWO LABOUR FREE MAJOR SERVICES – Change engine oil, replace filter, fuel additive, lubricate chassis & rotate tires, 40-point vehicle inspection, including road test, with written report (parts and oil extra). YOU SAVE $330.00
  • ONE LABOUR FREE FRONT WHEEL ALIGNMENT – Includes check of all suspension and steering parts for wear and adjustment of toe-in, caster & camber, steering wheel alignment. Recommended once a year. YOU SAVE $99.00
  • TWO FREE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM CHECKS (AVR TEST) – Test charging system, battery load test, alternator charging rates, and starter draw, with inspection of belts. YOU SAVE $110.00
  • TWO FREE BRAKE INSPECTIONS – Inspection of brake system for condition & leaks (with written report). YOU SAVE $119.00
  • TWO FREE SEASONAL PRE-MOUNTED TIRE SWAPS – Swap wheels on vehicle and torque lug nuts to manufacturer’s specifications. Adjust tire pressure & inspect brakes. *TPMS Re-Learn may be required* YOU SAVE $79.00
  • TWO FREE ENGINE TROUBLE LIGHT SCANS – Scan tests to identify computer trouble codes regarding engine transmission, ABS system or body controller. Clear trouble codes and reset warning lights. YOU SAVE $140.00
  • TWO FREE COOLING SYSTEM PRESSURE TESTS – Test the integrity of the cooling system and it’s components. YOU SAVE $110.00
  • TWO FREE SUSPENSION INSPECTIONS – Ensures safe handling and controlled braking. YOU SAVE $110.00
  • TWO FREE EXHAUST SYSTEM CHECKS – Recommended to promote engine efficiency. YOU SAVE $110.00
  • Valid for 12 month from purchase date.

Go to now and Save!



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Zoom-Zoom-Zumba! (When we meet again)

Note: Latin Flavours Fitness is currently closed but they are looking forward to getting everyone back into action once things are back to normal.

The problem with some fitness routines is that they are, well, too routine.  Doesn’t matter how much you change up the music, the treadmill or cross trainer get a little boring after a while.  Today’s deal will help you change all that.

Latin Flavours Fitness Ltd. in Maple Ridge is offering you the chance to shake up your routine, making your workout feel like a party.  You will have so much fun, you won’t even realize what a great workout you did… Until you try on your skinny jeans and discover the fun in finding out those fit great too!


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Karate (and so much more) for Kids

Today’s deal is for Curran’s Karate in Maple Ridge.

While your kids will think that they are just learning the finer points of physical combat, they will secretly also be learning the finer points of becoming self confident, responsible, hard working people with enough self esteem to resist peer pressure and maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come.  A great set of skills to come by, especially while having tons of fun!

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Just “brow”sing!

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, which is the reason we ask people to look at us while speaking to help determine if they are telling the truth.  Well, the truth is that our eyes are expressive and as the frame to your eyes, your eyebrows play a part in the show. So, today’s deal for a professional eyebrow threading and tinting at Cutis Cura Hair & Beauty is just the thing to make sure that your eyes are expressing what you think they are.  Honest.

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Get a Head Start on your Health Goals

Taking Control.  Eventually those people battling weight issues have to learn to take control of the situation and find their own personal answer to journey back to health and wellness.  Today’s offer for HCG Plus drops can be just the thing to jump start your journey!

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Happy Home Services

We all have running “To Do” lists… get groceries, pay bills, feed cat, vacuum etc.  However, there are some other “To Do’ lists that hang over our heads, but from a distance…for example annual physical at the Dr., clean the oven or write a novel.  Another “To Do” list involves home maintenance with jobs like, power washing the siding, aerating the lawn, cleaning out the gutters, washing the windows etc.

Today’s deal is your opportunity to knock one of those nagging “To Do’s” off the list as Happy Home Services will come and inspect your Furnace or Boiler and as well do a Gas Safety Inspection on your gas fireplace or water heater. Fortis BC suggests that regular maintenance is important both for safety and efficiency.

So take advantage of today’s deal and check one more thing off that list!

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Today’s offering from Love That Deal is all about hair.

The very same hair we have been trying to shed since our adolescence. You must remember the day when your Mom finally acquiesed and allowed you to shave your legs/underarms. Oh the excitement! What a great feeling to really, officially be passing through one of the rights of womanhood.  Fast forward 25 years. Do you still feel the thrill everytime you shave?  Me Neither.  Thankfully we have an option.  And today we have an option that is also a great deal. So check out our deal for Dadi’s Beauty Salon in Maple Ridge and feel the excitement…of throwing away the razor!

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Par for the Course!

I believe.  I believe that no matter how wet and cold it is right now, Spring will come. And Summer.  And when they arrive we will all go outside and spend as much time as possible soaking up the warmth and brightness of the glory days of living in BC.  Few mosquitos, low humidity, and stunningly beautiful scenery.

There are tons of great things to do outside in our area, and today’s deal is an offer to get out there and enjoy one more. Cedar Ridge Golf and Driving Range is an 18 hole par 3 golf course that is perfect for families and those who want to putt around and enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible.  It is set up so that young and experienced people can both enjoy a round. Finding a new way to get the grandparents and grandkids connected, with a side bonus of fresh air and exercise. That’s a Hole in One!

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The Mother of All Deals… Save $1500!

**NEW 4th Edition ~ Valid until December 2020!**

Save $1500.oo in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows with today’s deal for a Love that Premium Coupon card for only $25.00!

Featuring 80 offers, of which 21 are FREE NO PURCHASE NECESSARY deals for things you will use: Two Medium Pizzas at Domino’s, Free 32 oz. Boston Growler from Ridge Brewing, Free Appetizer at Boston Pizza, Free Tire Repair at Fountain Tire, a Free Taco at Taco Fan, 2 Free Samosas at JMK Mahal, a Free Appetizer at Paliotti’s, a Free Latte at Waves and so much more!

Explore many of the businesses in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.  The card is valid until December 31, 2020 so you have lots of time to use it and enjoy shopping local!

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