Eyebrow Threading & Tinting

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, which is the reason we ask people to look at us while speaking to help determine if they are telling the truth.  Well, the truth is that our eyes are expressive and as the frame to your eyes, your eyebrows play a part in the show.

So, today’s deal for a professional eyebrow threading and tinting at Cutis Cura Hair & Beauty is just the thing to make sure that your eyes are expressing what you think they are.  Honest.

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My Deer Lake… Let’s Rent a Boat

Get outside and play!  Today’s deal is about getting out of the house. Heck, it’s even about getting off land!
Deer Lake Boat Rentals is offering you a chance to get out on the water and enjoy kayaking, canoeing, rowboating or pedal boating.  Set upon a beautiful lake in Burnaby, Deer Lake Boat Rentals offers the chance to get away from the city… in the city. Besides the fresh air and exercise, you may just be able to see some beautiful animals, such as a Blue Heron, Ducks, Geese, Beavers, Turtles and possibly even an Eagle.

So pack up the kids and head on over to Deer Lake, where you can paddle, row, or pedal your way through the day!

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Dog Groomer Extraordinaire!

Our pets are among our most beloved friends and what better way to show your friends that you care, than by helping them feel their best? Keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny by knowing the right ways to care for and groom their fur.

Today’s offer is for your four legged pal to look and feel their best.  The professionals Holly & Hugo are offering their Ultimate Guide to Dog Grooming Online Course for only $19.00!  

  • Some of the topics covered are:
    • equipment you need
    • safely restraining animals
    • good hygiene practices
    • correct way to shampoo and bathe dogs
    • clip claws
    • traditional styles for different dog breeds
    • what to do when a pet needs first aid
    • recognize skin conditions, parasites, ear and eye infections
    • check for healthy teeth and gums and learn dental care for dogs
  • This course is CPD/CE accredited and you will receive a PDF certificate upon completion.

Taking care of each other. Isn’t that what friends are for?

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Keep Calm and Buy this Facial

Don’t Panic, but you can get a little excited.

Today’s deal is for an anti aging Facial Treatment at Highland Salon and Medi Spa in Maple Ridge.

We live in a hectic age, where stress, rushing and a constant barrage of demands can leave us in a dither.  This stress can indeed show up on your face…how can it not? Well, today’s Sculpting Facial is just the required remedy… 50 minutes of peace, for your complexion and your soul.

Stay Calm, get the Facial and Enjoy turning back time!

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New Car Feeel

There are a few things on everybody’s to do list that just seem to stay there and almost mock you with their smugness.  Like you just know that cleaning behind the fridge or under the stove will simply not happen without some type of cataclysmic event, like a giant spill that runs under or the loss of your kids absolutely most favourite Beyblade or My Little Pony Barrette.

So, everytime I see my car and think, “Man would it be nice to wash and shine this baby” it’s a bit like wishing that an extra 2 hours would just fall into my lap.  Plus, if I were to be completely honest, if I did for some miraculous reason find an extra few hours, I really don’t think I could be convinced to use it to shine, vacuum and otherwise baby my car.

Well Today’s Deal is tailor made for this conundrum. Take your car to the detail specialists at Ultra Tune Automotive Services and they clean the exterior of your car and shine the interior as well. Then, with the extra few hours you’ve just cleverly saved, go and revitalize yourself, with say,  a pedicure or a good book.


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Lift Me Up and Tint Me Too!

Lashes have a say today!… And they feel they can’t leave the house without a nice LIFT and a TINT on the schedule. So if your lashes are to be listened to then maybe you should check out  Today’s deal and give them the feeling they’ve been heard while you head on over to Dadi’s Beauty Salon in Maple Ridge and give them the Lift & Tint they deserve.

If your lashes could speak and it seems that they do then they would say When you wake up tomorrow you will…

“Wake Up to Lashes you Love!”

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Cheers to $5 off Beers (and Wine, don’t forget Wine!)

Maple Ridge Liquor Store (under the Town Hall Public House @ 207th and Lougheed) and Kanaka Creek Liquor store (at 240th and Kanaka Way) are offering a great FREE deal today.  Simply go to www.lovethatdeal.ca and reserve a coupon for $5.00 any purchase over $49.99 (Excluding Liquor/Spirits/Tobacco).

Both of these stores have an enormous selection of wines, beers and spirits for any occasion, from an elegant wedding to a casual tail gate, they’ve got what you need! Friendly staff can help you navigate through some of the finer points of pairing wines etc.

Plus, they give away cookies on the weekends!

Cheers. I’ll drink to that!

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Canada’s Best Golf Discount Card

Year-Round Golf.

Today’s offer will get golfers in the game ~ at 27 Premium Golf Courses around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, as well as at 100’s of other courses in Canada and the US. The Canada Golf Card gets you 4 discounts at 800 prestigious golf courses, including 2 for 1 green fees, driving ranges, indoor golfing, and lessons. The card is easy to use; simply find the course you want to play, call and reserve your tee time (mention your Canada Golf Membership Card) and then show the card and pay for the round when you arrive. This offer is a Gimme! Get yours now at www.lovethatdeal.ca.

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PowerWrap™ for a Powerful Clean

One thing we have learned over the past year is that there is a lot of power in one little germ. Another thing we have learned is that we can take the power back by following certain guidelines, like washing our hands, or covering our coughs.

Today’s deal, is another way in which you can bring peace of mind to your home and business by ensuring that over 50 types of germs are completely eradicated ~ including Covid 19 and all it’s variants. For only $49.99 Man Up Services will come to your home and utilize the power of the PowerWrap™ electrostatic sprayer alongside the trusted Clorox® brand of cleaning supplies to eliminate germs. You can feel confident in knowing that your living space and work space is a safe and healthy environment.

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Colour Me Pink

Sometimes it is an almost imperceptible shift that can make a huge difference in the way we think and feel.  One day you can feel down and out, and maybe some small gesture or a friendly exchange can make bring you back into happier headspace.

Of course, if you ask most people they will tell you that when they look better they feel better, and so today’s offer from Devon Shea is a chance to get to the salon and have some colourful pizzaz added to your hairstyle. By getting some colour and highlights to help you get into a great headspace you can make sure that Spring is in your hair!

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