Capture Your Moments in Time: Unleash Your Inner Star with Stunning Outdoor Photoshoots!

Are you longing to capture those precious moments that will be cherished forever? Look no further, because we have the perfect offer for you! Motherpreneur Productions is thrilled to present an exclusive deal that will transform your memories into stunning visual masterpieces.

Option 1: A Snapshot of Elegance – $99.00

For just $99.00, you will enjoy a 30-minute professional outdoor photo shoot, expertly crafted to showcase your most natural and authentic self. Our skilled photographers will work their magic, capturing the essence of your special moments. With 20 digital images and 5 enhanced photos included in this package (valued at $250.00), you’ll have a gallery of cherished memories to share with your loved ones.

Option 2: An Hour of Timeless Beauty – $179.00

Take it up a notch and indulge in our deluxe package – a 1-hour outdoor photo shoot for only $179.00! This extended session allows for more creative opportunities, resulting in 40 images and 10 enhanced photos (valued at $500.00). Imagine the possibilities and the range of emotions captured in this extended photoshoot – it’s an investment in memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Choose Motherpreneur Productions:

Expertise and Artistry

Our team of talented photographers is passionate about capturing the beauty in every moment. With their artistic eye and technical expertise, they ensure every shot tells a unique and heartwarming story.

Unmatched Creativity

We understand that every individual and family is different, and that’s why we personalize each session to suit your style and preferences. Whether it’s a candid family moment or a solo portrait, we’ll tailor the shoot to your desires.

Natural Outdoor Setting

Step into the beauty of nature as the backdrop for your photos. The outdoors offer a magical ambiance, adding an extra touch of enchantment to your images.

Celebrate Your Journey

From celebrating the joy of parenthood to capturing the milestones of your family’s growth, our photo shoots embrace the beauty of your unique journey.

Embrace the Magic – Book Now!

Our exclusive outdoor photo shoot deal is a limited-time offer, so don’t let these moments slip away. Grab this opportunity to freeze time and create lasting memories. First purchase your discount voucher at and then Call us at (778) 879-5657  to schedule your session.

Whether it’s a family portrait, a couple’s shoot, or a solo adventure, Motherpreneur Productions is committed to capturing the essence of your most treasured moments. Let us transform your memories into timeless works of art, so you can relive the magic again and again. Don’t wait – book your photo shoot today!

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Shr{ink} your Footprint

Sometimes we find ourselves in win-win situations, and things have worked out well for two parties. Great stuff!

I consider today’s deal amazing because it is a win-win-win, and frankly those can be difficult to find. By taking advantage of today’s offer at Mainland Cartridge you can save yourself money, support local business and reduce your carbon footprint by reusing your ink cartridge.

Win-win-win, now that is really great stuff!

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Double Deal: 2 Threading and/or Waxing Sessions!

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, which is the reason we ask people to look at us while speaking to help determine if they are telling the truth.  Well, the truth is that our eyes are expressive and as the frame to your eyes, your eyebrows play a part in the show.

So, today’s deal for TWO professional eyebrow threadings or waxing at Dadi’s Beauty Salon is just the thing to make sure that your eyes are expressing what you think they are.  Honest.

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Christmas Special at Photobook Canada

The advent of the digital camera has changed the face of photography forever.

My kids wonder why we took so many pictures with our eyes closed back in the 70’s. The explanation (which won’t include the phrase LSD) will take some time…

We only had rolls of film, some with as little as 12 exposures.  You had to take pictures sparingly, and only found out how the photos looked once the whole roll was finished, which, depending on the amount of pictures a person liked to take could be months into the future. Once the roll was full it got “sent away” to a lab and after about a week you got the packet of pictures back, at which point you could check to see if your eyes were open in the picture.

So, for example, if your birthday was in July and your Mom didn’t finish the roll until she captured you in your Halloween costume, you would find out in early November if your eyes were open in the photos of your 10th birthday party, or even if there was a finger in front of the lens. Or, if God forbid, someone had opened the back of the camera and let light in. Then, you got back absolutely nothing. The super thin packet was surely a sign of doomed film. You could hope that someone else may have gotten a couple shots, or you better have a good memory. Little too late for a do-over by that point.

Enter, digital photos. Now, like so many other areas of our lives, we can get instantaneous feedback on how we are doing. We can see right away if the light was bad, if the flash didn’t work, if the head got cut off or if Joker Jo has decided that bunny ears would be the most hilarious gag ever.  We can even bribe the kids into getting a great shot. “If we get a great one, you can do a super crazy goofy shot too!”

So, with regards to today’s deal, you can now shoot pictures to you hearts content, and when you finally get the best photos you have ever seen in your life, (and you will know right away!) you can make them into a book of art. The folks at Photobook Canada can take your photos and make a photobook that you will actually look at and it will remind you that you have yet another talent.  Taking pictures with eyes wide open!


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Memories are Blessings…Share Them!

Rather than having your photos hidden in the digital darkness of your phone, imagine picking out your favourites and making them into a personalized 40 page, deluxe lay flat photobook. Now imagine that precious book was only $7.00 and easy to create. Now imagine easily sharing your memories with family and friends.

Now go to to make all these dreams a reality!

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Save 30% on Canada’s Favourite Discount Golf Card

Golf enthusiasts, get ready to tee off on an incredible journey of savings and spectacular greens with the 2024 Canada Golf Card! This deal is your golden ticket to a year of golfing adventures, where you can enjoy up to 50% off green fees at 22 prestigious courses in Vancouver & Lower Mainland, plus discounts at courses across Canada and the USA.

Why the 2024 Canada Golf Card is a Hole-in-One Deal

**1. ** Unbeatable Value: For just $51.00, you’re gaining access to a world of golfing opportunities, and the potential savings are staggering. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting your golfing journey, this card is your key to affordable, quality golf.

**2. ** Explore Prestigious Courses: The card provides access to some of the most prestigious golf courses in Vancouver & Lower Mainland. Picture yourself playing on beautifully manicured fairways and rolling greens, all while saving big on green fees.

**3. ** Travel-Friendly: Planning a golf trip? With discounts available at courses across Canada and the USA, this card is perfect for avid golfers with a wanderlust for exploring new courses and destinations.

**4. ** Ideal for Every Golfer: Whether you’re a solo golfer, part of a group, or looking for family golfing adventures, this card is versatile enough to accommodate all your golfing needs.

**5. ** Great Gift Idea: Looking for the perfect gift for the golfer in your life? The 2024 Canada Golf Card is a thoughtful and practical present that keeps on giving throughout the year.

How to Make the Most of Your 2024 Canada Golf Card

**1. ** Plan Your Golfing Calendar: Take advantage of your card by planning out your golfing adventures for the year. Explore new courses, return to old favourites, and make the most of the discounts available.

**2. ** Invite Friends and Family: Golf is always more fun with friends and family. Share the savings and the love of the game by inviting your loved ones to join you on the green.

**3. ** Stay Updated: Keep an eye on the card’s website or app for updates, new courses, and special offers. You never know when an even better deal might come your way!

**4. ** Golf Your Way: Whether you’re an early riser or a late afternoon golfer, the 2024 Canada Golf Card is flexible and allows you to enjoy the game on your schedule.

**5. ** Golfing Communities: Connect with other golfers who hold the card and share your experiences, tips, and recommendations for the best courses to explore.

Get Your 2024 Canada Golf Card Today!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to elevate your golfing experience while saving a significant amount of money. The 2024 Canada Golf Card is not just a pass to play; it’s your passport to golfing adventures, incredible savings, and a year filled with unforgettable moments on the green.

So, grab your clubs, practice your swing, and get ready for a year of golfing excellence with the 2024 Canada Golf Card. Purchase your card today and start planning your golfing adventures for the upcoming year. It’s time to swing into savings and embrace the golfer’s dream come true!

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Senior Footcare made simple and easy

As we age, taking care of our feet becomes more important than ever. Years of wear and tear can cause a range of foot problems, from toenail issues to fungal infections. That’s why Mi Casa Footcare in Maple Ridge is offering a special deal for seniors – a toenail and foot care treatment for just $65.00, or upgrade to include a fungus treatment for $99.00 (Value up to $165.00).

The importance of foot care for seniors cannot be overstated. As we age, our feet can become more prone to problems such as dry skin, cracked heels, corns, calluses, and toenail issues. These conditions can not only be uncomfortable but also increase the risk of infections and falls. Regular foot care treatments can help to prevent these problems from occurring and keep your feet healthy and pain-free.

The fungus treatment offered by Mi Casa Footcare is particularly important for seniors. Fungal infections can be difficult to treat and may spread quickly if left untreated. They can also be more severe in seniors, as the immune system weakens with age. By taking advantage of this special deal, seniors can receive expert foot care and avoid potential health problems down the road.

In conclusion, if you’re a senior looking to take care of your feet, Mi Casa Footcare in Maple Ridge is the place to go. Their special deal on foot and toenail care treatments, with the option to add a fungus treatment, is a great opportunity to prioritize your health and well-being.

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Blink and You’ll Miss it!

Are you tired of searching high and low for the perfect pair of prescription glasses that won’t break the bank? Look no further! We’ve got an unbeatable deal for you from Optiks International in Maple Ridge that will leave you seeing clearly and stylishly without draining your wallet.

The Offer: $20 for $175 Towards Prescription Glasses + Complimentary Second Pair

Imagine getting designer prescription glasses at a fraction of their original cost. With today’s deal, you’ll receive a $175 credit to spend on prescription eyeglasses of your choice at Optiks International. Whether you prefer classic frames or trendy styles, there’s a wide selection to suit every taste.

But wait, there’s more! Along with the $175 credit, you’ll also get a complimentary second pair of prescription glasses. That’s right – two pairs for the price of one! It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on eyewear for different occasions or simply treat yourself to a backup pair.

Why Choose Optiks International?

Optiks International is renowned for offering high-quality eyewear and exceptional service. Here’s why they stand out from the rest:

1. A Vast Selection: Optiks International houses an extensive collection of prescription glasses, including top brands and the latest trends.

2. Expert Opticians: Their team of opticians is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you find the perfect frames to match your style and vision needs.

3. Precision in Prescription: With state-of-the-art technology, Optiks International ensures the accuracy of your prescription, providing clear and comfortable vision.

4. Fashion and Function: You’ll find glasses that not only enhance your vision but also elevate your fashion game.

5. Unbeatable Value: This deal is an exceptional opportunity to get premium glasses without overspending.

How to Grab This Deal

Don’t miss out on this incredible offer! To claim your $175 credit towards prescription glasses and enjoy a complimentary second pair, simply visit and purchase your voucher, then head on over to Optiks International in Maple Ridge and let their friendly staff guide you through their impressive collection and assist you in finding the perfect frames for your style and needs.

This deal won’t last long, so take advantage of it today and step out with confidence, sporting stylish and crystal-clear vision. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to fashionable eyewear at an unbeatable price!

Disclaimer: Prices and offers mentioned in this blog post are accurate as of the publishing date. Please check with Optiks International for the most up-to-date information.

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Check out those Eyes!

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, which is the reason we ask people to look at us while speaking to help determine if they are telling the truth.  Well, the truth is that our eyes are expressive and as the frame to your eyes, your eyebrows play a part in the show.

So, today’s deal for a professional eyebrow threading and tinting at Cutis Cura Hair & Beauty is just the thing to make sure that your eyes are expressing what you think they are.  Honest.

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Double the Glamour: Buy One Haircut with Shampoo & Style, Get One FREE!

Are you ready to elevate your style and enjoy a salon experience like no other? Highland Salon and Medi Spa in Maple Ridge has an exclusive offer just for you! Today’s deal is all about doubling the glamour—purchase one Haircut with Shampoo & Style for $59.00 and receive another absolutely FREE! (Valued at $136.00)

Why Choose Highland Salon and Medi Spa?

At Highland Salon and Medi Spa, we believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best. With our team of skilled professionals, we’re committed to providing top-notch salon services that leave you feeling refreshed, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Today’s Exclusive Offer: Buy One, Get One FREE!

For just $59.00, treat yourself to a rejuvenating Haircut with Shampoo & Style and receive a second one absolutely FREE! This fantastic deal, valued at $136.00, is the perfect opportunity to update your look or share the experience with a friend.

How to Redeem:

  1. Purchase your Vocuher at
  2. Call Highland Salon and Medi Spa at (604) 467-3995 to schedule your appointment.
  3. Mention the “Buy One, Get One FREE” offer when booking.
  4. Relax and indulge in a professional Haircut with Shampoo & Style.
  5. Enjoy a second Haircut with Shampoo & Style at no extra cost!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer valid for a limited time.
  • Both Haircut with Shampoo & Style services must be scheduled together.
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.
  • Appointments are subject to availability.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to double the glamour without breaking the bank. Treat yourself and a loved one to a salon experience that leaves you looking and feeling fabulous. Call Highland Salon and Medi Spa today to book your appointments and let us help you shine!

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