Feed Me!

Pets bring us much joy and are a great addition to a family. Hoewever, taking care of petsĀ is a big responsibility and doing it well is important. Like us human counterparts, pets are what they eat and so an appropriate and healthy diet will improve both the quality and longevity of your pet’s life.

Today’s deal from Holly & Hugo is for a Pet Nutrtion Course, that when completed gets you Internationally Recognized certification. Take a look at some of the topics that will be covered:

  • the dietary needs of various animals, cats and dogs as well as fish, birds and more
  • different food groups, types of diets
  • importance of reading and understanding food labels
  • digestion differences for different animals
  • how nutritional needs change from youth, to adult to senior pets
  • what to do if your pet puts on too much weight
  • food and ill health or allergies
  • what’s best – homemade food, raw food or bought pet food
  • and much, much more

So go to www.lovethatdeal.ca now and get started on giving your pet the best nutrition possible ~ they will thank you in all the beautiful ways that pets show us their love!

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