New Car Feeel

There are a few things on everybody’s to do list that just seem to stay there and almost mock you with their smugness.  Like you just know that cleaning behind the fridge or under the stove will simply not happen without some type of cataclysmic event, like a giant spill that runs under or the loss of your kids absolutely most favourite Beyblade or My Little Pony Barrette.

So, everytime I see my car and think, “Man would it be nice to wash and shine this baby” it’s a bit like wishing that an extra 2 hours would just fall into my lap.  Plus, if I were to be completely honest, if I did for some miraculous reason find an extra few hours, I really don’t think I could be convinced to use it to shine, vacuum and otherwise baby my car.

Well Today’s Deal is tailor made for this conundrum. Take your car to the detail specialists at Ultra Tune Automotive Services and they clean the exterior of your car and shine the interior as well. Then, with the extra few hours you’ve just cleverly saved, go and revitalize yourself, with say,  a pedicure or a good book.


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