Groom Your Dog

Our pets are among our most beloved friends and what better way to show your friends that you care, than by helping them feel their best? Keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny by knowing the right ways to care for and groom their fur.

Today’s offer is for your four legged pal to look and feel their best.  The professionals Holly & Hugo are offering their Ultimate Guide to Dog Grooming Online Course for only $19.00!  

  • Some of the topics covered are:
    • equipment you need
    • safely restraining animals
    • good hygiene practices
    • correct way to shampoo and bathe dogs
    • clip claws
    • traditional styles for different dog breeds
    • what to do when a pet needs first aid
    • recognize skin conditions, parasites, ear and eye infections
    • check for healthy teeth and gums and learn dental care for dogs
  • This course is CPD/CE accredited and you will receive a PDF certificate upon completion.

Taking care of each other. Isn’t that what friends are for?

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