Go Brazilian + a Full Leg Wax!

Today’s offer is for BOTH a Brazilian Wax and a Full Leg Wax for only $55! Now that is a Loveable Deal!

These days we can experience the world without ever leaving our community.  For example, thanks to the great “Canadian melting pot” we can now choose to try foods and customs from all over the world, right in our backyard: China,  India,  Mexico, France, Greece, Italy,  Japan and so on.  Indeed, cultures have blended and blossomed and we have all been exposed to a much wider variety of tastes and customs than in generations past.

Not so very long ago, it was a big deal to get in the car and drive for a few hours, never mind jumping on a plane and coasting into uncharted territory.  Which is why we can pretty safely say that a few generations ago, there were very few North American women who had made their way to places, like for example, Brazil.  So I’m pretty certain, in my example that my great, great, grandmother was unfamiliar with the concept of a Brazilian wax.  No matter now however, as Brazil has come to us, and today’s deal  at Cutis Cura Hair & Skin Care lets us experience another part of the world in a way that would very likely cause our ancestors to wonder exactly what the world has come to.  My reply: “The world has come to… us.”

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