Senior Pet Care Course for Dog and Cat Owners

About the course

The needs of older animals are different to an adult animal. Pets are prone to health problems as they get older. They could be at risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, incontinence, or heart disease. They could be less mobile or less keen to go for long walks.

Care of the Senior Pet is an invaluable guide for the concerned pet parent who wants their senior pet to get the most out of life. This course is all about keeping your pet healthy, happy, and active into their senior years.

Old dogs and old cats are more prone to health problems and this course helps you understand the signs and symptoms, as well as treatment options. But “Care of the Senior Pet” doesn’t shy away from tackling important issues such as judging quality of life and knowing when to say that final goodbye.

By studying this online accredited course, you’ll learn as much as you can about the needs of older pets. You’ll learn about how to adapt the diet and exercise for healthy and happy older pets to help them in the right way. Be the best owner possible by recognizing symptoms of distress, pain, or disease for prompt treatment.

Learn to read the mind of a senior pet, and to understand his behavioural, physical and mental difficulties. In this way, you can keep him stimulated and healthy for as long as you possibly can.

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