Golden Opportunity for Dryer Vent Cleaning

TODAY”S DEAL: $50 OFF Lint Removal from your Dryer Vents!!

  • Does your dryer struggle to properly dry your clothes? Dryer maintenance is important for safe and efficient drying.
  • Check out this amazing opportunity to get your dryer vent cleaned for $50.00 Off the regular price of $150.00.
  • This offer is FREE! Simply click the BUY heart to reserve your coupon and then contact Kevin to arrange a time for the cleaning.
  • Lint build up in your dryer vent can cause your dryer to be inefficient, taking a long time for the laundry to dry or leaving items damp.
  • Lint build up and blockage can be dangerous and result in fires. It is recommended that vents be professionally cleaned once per year at a minimum, and twice per year if the dryer is used several times per week.
  • Service includes exterior cleaning of dryer vent, inspection and cleaning of the transition hose, removal of lint from the interior of the dryer and the lint trap as well as pre and post service air flow reading and before and after pictures.
  • Bonus! ~ If your neighbour needs service on the same day they can also receive this great deal!
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