Fraser Valley
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At Love That Deal we understand that fundraising is an important part of being able to provide the students at your school with opportunities to take part in enrichment programs. We realize that Parent Advisory Committees are always looking for innovative and safe ways to fundraise. Love That Deal has a great option for your PAC.

Love that Deal is an online resource where people can find amazing deals on great things to do in their neighbourhoods. We offer amazing daily opportunities to save big on experiencing the many products and services in your area. The fundraising program is simple, risk free, and best of all, offers the opportunity to make your school lots of money! Most fundraisers require that your students and their parents attempt to sell products to their family, friends, co-workers, and neighbours. For this fundraiser, all you need to do is direct the families to our website, at to look for great deals. The deals are so amazing that people want to buy and share them with family and friends, and with every qualifying purchase your school reaps the rewards! Instead of having to bring in order forms, receive boxes and boxes of product, and then distribute the product to the families, we offer the chance for you to click, save, and get your cheque. Please contact us at for more information.